Bow Combat

Try our new activity Bow Combat at CopenHill!

Try Bow Combat at CopenHill

Bow Combat is a new activity for your event, group excursion, company event, bachelor party, etc., and is a sure winner for fun and competition for your participants. The game is super fun and challenging and everyone can join in!

Bow Combat combines the elements from paintball and archery into an action-packed, energetic and fun game.

In Bow Combat you shoot with bow and arrow, where the tip is made of foam. This avoids the bruises and pain that often accompany a game of paintball. You play two teams against each other, where the main goal is to shoot all your opponents. But like dodge ball, you can revive your teammates by hitting 5 targets that are placed on the court. So a clever tactic is definitely an advantage as well.

Bow Combat or Archery Attack, Archery Tag - the game has many names. It is played in teams of 4-6 players on each team.

You can play Bow Combat all year round and it's just fun whether it's winter or summer. As soon as you start the fight, you get the heat. Some even play without a t-shirt in the summer, however most play in normal clothes of the season.

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Bow Combat can easily be combined with a trip on skis / snowboard, a guided tour or food and drinks before or after your Bow Combat match. :-)