About Us


CopenHill is Copenhagen's new epicenter for urban mountain sports.
We offer a number of outdoor activities in the middle of Copenhagen. Here the whole family can be active together on skis, in the running shoes, in the hiking boots or in the climbing shoes.

CopenHill is an unique opportunity to do activities at a level and at a height that has not been possible in the city before.
We are also a publicly accessible recreational area with a café, a restaurant, music and classic après ski atmosphere.

All with Copenhagen's absolute best view.

Our vision

No one climbs a mountain in a straight line. Instead, you create milestones,
that serves as intermediate targets on the way to the top. Similarly, CopenHill represents a mountain of opportunities. A mountain where our guests can, depending on their ambition and desire, participate in activities or social events that suit them.

We motivate our guests to be active together. We do this because we know that people who are active together get more than just the experience with them home. They get memories that last.

Whether our guests are skiing, running, walking, climbing or just using the mountain facilities to be together, it is our mission to be the ones that make it posible and enjoyable for everyone to reach their peak on CopenHill.

We want to be everyone's highlight.


Christian Ingels



Anders Petersen

Hospitality Manager


Cecilie Christina Nielsen

Head of Customer Relations & Innovation


Victor Walbom

Sales Manager