If you are looking for an interview with CopenHill A / S or to take pictures from the roof, please contact us at with your request.

Company events, excursions & events

We are already taking in requests for future events, whether it's corporate events, school excursions, christmas lunches, bachelor parties or similar. No matter the type of event, we have a really unique location and experience that awaits you.

Write to to start the dialogue and receive an offer on your next event.

We already offer unique visits with a tour of the building, where you can experience the spectacular project very close and enjoy the view of Copenhagen and the Øresund.

Gift Certificates & Christmas Gifts

We are already offering gift cards for a great ski experience on CopenHill. See gift cards here.
We have also created this year's perfect christmas gifts for both companies and privates. See options here: CopenHill Christmas Gifts 2018 or contact us for more details.

Sponsorships & partnerships

If you want to get into partnership with Copenhagen's new landmark for sustainability, health and good experiences, and want to contribute to giving our users and followers the best experience.

Then contact us at for further details.