Ski School

A great technique requires a solid foundation

The aim of Ski School Snowminds is to share our passion for skiing and snowboarding. All our ski and snowboard instructors are internationally certified instructors with experience instructing from countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Austria. A lot of them started their instructor career with the Danish organisation Snowminds. Snowminds are one of the world’s leading instructor educators, where safety, community and experiences for life are in focus.

At Ski School Snowminds we offer snowboard and ski classes for all ages and levels, you can be taught in private or in a group of people of the same level.

To get the best out of your experience at CopenHill, you can choose the type of training you want, whether that be to improve your freestyle, racing or improve your short-turns.

No matter the type of lesson, we guarantee a safe, challenging and most importantly, fun experience at Ski School Snowminds at Copenhill.

Why take a ski or snowboard lesson?

Skiing and snowboarding is meant to be fun. It’s about challenging yourself and having fun in a safe environment. At Ski School Snowminds your experience is very important and we’re proud to introduce you to the mountain at Copenhill. It’s a different experience than skiing in the alpine and therefore we put extra focus on the fact that you, no matter what level, get a proper introduction to the hill and the tips and tricks, to make your experience memorable.

We have a broad team of instructors with many years of experience instructing all age groups, racing and members on the team that have won multiple Danish championships in freestyle and freeride. They love to share their passion for the snowsports and are ready to help you improve your skills.

CopenHill is a unique place for children, who want to improve their skiing or snowboarding, both for first time beginners and experienced skiers/riders. If you want to be ready for your upcoming ski vacation, this is a great opportunity to get a head start before going. You can now avoid spending the first days on vacation trying to remember how it is or picking up the basics, and instead start your vacation with a solid foundation of new techniques, tips and tricks to improve.

If your technique is great at CopenHill, it’ll be even better on the snow too!

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Ski School Snowminds at CopenHill is part of Danish Snowminds, one of the world's leading ski and snowboard instructor training companies, where safety, community and experiences for life are the focal point. Each year, Snowminds helps hundreds of ski and snowboard enthusiasts become certified ski or snowboard instructors and subsequently work at ski resorts all over the world.

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