Weather is a factor at CopenHill!

Therefore, always check the weather from home.

Bring clothes for the weather

Most of CopenHill's activities are outdoors. Therefore you will at CopenHill be exposed to wind and weather. In addition, wind and cold (the so-called chill factor) can in some cases feel more powerful, depending on where the wind comes from, and becayse CopenHill is located near the ocean, and our highest point is at 85 meters altitude. Remember therefore to always check the weather forecast before heading towards Copenhill, so you can bring the clothes needed for the weather. In the summer, it can also become hot due to the angle of the roof surface. So also remember sunscreen, shade and to drink plenty of water.

Shutdown due to bad weather or heavy winds

In the event of strong winds or bad weather, we may have to shut down the recreational facilities (the climbing wall, the ski slope, the running/trekking track etc.) for safety reasons. In such cases, you will be refunded your remaining ski or climbing time as a voucher that may be used at a later date.