CopenHill stars!

Watch the spectacular documentary as the two stars, Bjarke Ingels and Jesper Tjäder, met up at the top of CopenHill.

They talk about skiing, sustainable cities and the term 'hedonistic sustainability' which is what it's about. Everything is spiced with beautiful skiing and impressive architecture and design shots of the best view in Copenhagen.

Watch, when one of the best skiiers in the world, Jesper Tjäder, visited the top of CopenHill alongside Bjarke Ingels in this spectacular documentary from Audi.

Remember to take part in our huge opening weekend on the 4-6th of October 2019. Learn more about what we have planned for our opening weekend here.

Read more about the cooperation between Audi and CopenHill here. We're excited about our partners, who separately bring something new to the table for our SKI365 community.

Alongside Audi, we've established a slalom course, which provides the opportunity for skiiers to practice their technique and compete against their friends, families and colleagues. It's just one of the many activities that CopenHill offers the Danish population.