Covid-19 Info

CopenHill is open, has lots of space, and we are outdoors

It is safe to visit and use facilities at Amager Bakke, as we are an outdoor facility with plenty of space. The area of CopenHill is 41,000 m2 and we allow a maximum of 100 skiers on the slopes at a time.

Our rooftop café on the top is also outdoors and has a large rooftop terrace with plenty of space and fresh air. So if you are not into skiing, snowboarding, sledding or climbing, there are still plenty of options for a corona-friendly excursion at CopenHill. Here there is access via elevator, stairs or our running route.

At Amager Bakke guests can actually avoid being in contact with other people during the activities. The risk of being infected at CopenHill is therefore considered very low.

Remember to book your skiing time in advance here, so you are sure there is a space for you on the slopes.

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Take care until next time 😊

For further information on corona and precautions, we refer to the recommendations of the National Board of Health - read more here