Corona Info

CopenHill is temporarily closed until 14th of April

Staying at Amager Bakke is still justified, as it is an outdoor facility with plenty of space. The area of CopenHill is 41,000 m2 and we allow a maximum of 100 skiers on the hill at a time. Due to the current corona situation in Denmark, we have however chosen to close the facilities temporarily. During our closure we are working on even further measures, that will reduce the risk of infection, so we are able to stay open for private skiing for families of max 10 people.

If you book your future ski time here, you will help us in a difficult time, and you are guaranteed to be able to go skiing at a time of your own choice as soon as we open again.

At Amager Bakke guests can actually avoid being in contact with other people during the activities, and besides that, the skiers wear gloves. The risk of being infected at CopenHill is therefore considered very low, so hopefully you will soon be able to go skiing again, or go for a walk up the hill, get your legs moving and enjoy the view.

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Take care until next time 😊