Family skiing

Get amazing experiences with the ones you love. We have various ski solutions tailored for families!

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At CopenHill we want to be active together, especially with family and loved ones

We offer a wide array of activities and opportunities for families, where children have the possibility to try out skiing in Copenhagen.

The ski slope is divided into three levels, where the upper part is for advanced skiers, while the middle and bottom part is for beginners. The three bottom lifts are magic carpet lifts, where you simply get on with your skis and let the conveyor transport you which is really user friendly, especially for children.

Both advanced skiiers and beginners, adults and children, and families have the opportunity to attend the ski school with our highly competent ski instructors at Ski School Snowminds CopenHill. Read more here about the ski school, where you can also access prices etc.

Kids and young people are the future, and it's important to focus on them and their needs. Therefore, we will host special events both during weekdays, weekends and holidays, where we offer many initiatives involving skiing and creating a fun community. Remember to follow our website and Facebook, where we will announce these significant events.