Friday Night Freestyle

Recurring event where all freestylers are welcome - both beginners and experienced. Dates for next freestyle events, click here!

Book skiing

Bring your friends and spend a lot of awesome Fridays at CopenHill!

Every other Friday, Friday Night Freestyle is held at CopenHill at 5-8 p.m, where everyone are welcome - skiers, snowboarders, beginners and professionals!

Only thing you need to do, is book your ski time within the time period which you can do here. Stay tuned for upcoming freestyle events here.

Extra obstacles are set up in the form of rails, boxes and jumps with all difficulty levels in the freestyle park on the lower part of the ski slope. Awesome vibes, great music, crazy tricks and full throttle down the ski slope are the common denominators of the event, after which you can enjoy life with a cold soda or beer for après ski in the ski center.

Ski School Snowminds also offers freestyle lessons from 5:30 p.m. Learn more about how you sign up for the freestyle lessons here.

We guarantee a lot of fun hours where you can shred loose, learn new tricks and maintain your style! Bring your friends and get a lot of new ones by skipping the Friday bar and take advantage of CopenHill's freestyle park as the ski slope has lighting 365 days a year.