Press release - Grand Opening

Press release from the opening of CopenHill (Amager Bakke) 4-6th of October 2019

This weekend the sun shone over a fantastic 3-days Grand Opening event at CopenHill!

Following the official inauguration of CopenHill, with a guest list comprising names like Bjarke Ingels and Frank Jensen (City Mayor), thousands of people had found their way to the Copenhagen ski slope on the weekend. A full program for the weekend attracted many Danes and tourists to the ski slopes and festival site, to watch shows ranging from freestyle to uphill cycling and sustainability talks, and simply to be active together. Many skiers were curious to try out the slopes, and the number of subsequent upgraded one-time cards for year passes shows, that the enthusiasm for the new opportunity to ski in the middle of Copenhagen is enormeous. From now on it is possible for the Danes to go skiing daily, and there is great joy among walkers, runners and not least skiers over the new opportunities in Copenhagen.

In the park at CopenHill you will find:

• Ski slopes
• Slalom course
• Freestyle park
• Children’s slope
• Hiking route
• Garmin race track
• Café, bar and roof terrace
• Climbing wall
• Vantage point

Did you know that:

• The ski slope is approx. 400 meters long, with a fall height of 75 meters. The ski slope consists of four slopes laid out in varying degrees of difficulty. Two green (12-15% steep), one green / blue (15-23% steep) and one black / red (23-45% steep).
• There are 3 magic carpets and a button lift that transport skiers to the top
• There will be an opportunity to run or climb the stairs for 670 meters, and the running and hiking trails on the hill are inspired by Norwegian/Swedish mountains
• The roof terrace and the bar are at a height of 78 meters
• The lookout point is 85 meters up and with the city's best view
• CopenHill has the world's highest climbing wall of 80 meters, divided into four pitches, with climbing routes from 5a (easy) to 8a (really difficult), which will open in the spring.

Press photos from the opening weekend here.

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