Wind & Weather at CopenHill

At CopenHill, we want to make sure all of our guests receive the best experience

The weather is a factor at CopenHill, and we make sure to take the right safety precautions so that everyone gets the best possible experience with us - both on skis, in hiking boots and in the ski café.

We follow DMI and the airport parameters for safe travel, in case of strong gusts on Amager Bakke. The recreational facilities (ski slope, running route, climbing wall etc.) are in approx. 80 meters in height, which is why it is important to take the proper safety measures for all visitors.

However, we are rarely forced to close due to heavy wind. CopenHill is doing its utmost to inform about this, so that everyone receives the best possible experience on Amager Bakke. Therefore, all ski guests who have booked ski time when we close, will be offered to move their skiing time to a new day that accommodates our guests. At CopenHill, we ski in all types of weather; rain, snow and sunshine. However, we have to make the right safety precautions for strong wind, since we want to make sure all of our guests receive the best possible experience at Amager Bakke.