Get our recommendations for ski equipment and ski clothing!

The wrong equipment can ruin the skiing experience but with the right equipment, the skiing can be a breeze! Right here, you can read about what ski equipment you can rent in our ski shop, Steep & Deep. Also, we give you our recommendation in relation to clothing.

What ski equipment is necessary – and can i rent it?
In the ski center lies our ski rental, Steep and Deep. The team is ready to help you find the right equipment, that suits you and your level. They have many years of experience and just know what it takes to get the best experience at CopenHill.
When you are skiing at CopenHill, you can rent equipment at Steep & Deep in the skicenter. You can rent both skies, boots, poles and helmet. When you do your online booking, remember to tick the box regarding rental equipment. Also, we recommend to fill in information about your height and weight when finishing your ski booking.
Note: The rental equipment must be returned no later than 30 mins after finished skiing.
Read more about prices for rental gear here.

Can I bring my own ski equipment?
You are very welcome to use your own ski equipment, as long as it is properly maintained. Though, You must still remember to do a ski booking and get a liftpass to access the ski lifts. On the ski slope, you can use regular alpine ski equipment.

How do I dress properly?
We recommend wearing clothes that covers your arms and legs and gloves to minimize damage if falling. Also, we recommend to wear clothes according to the weather. Please note that the silicone surface on the ski slope is sticky, and can be transferred to your clothes if you carry your skis over your shoulder, or fall on the slope.
Have a look at this video with Thomas Uhrskov that explains what kind of gear you should wear here.

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