Safety & Weather

Look after each other, so everyone can have a great experience!

There are general guidelines for safe skiing, which must be followed in order for everyone to have a good experience. You can read even more about general safety at CopenHill in our Terms & Conditions.

The International Ski Federation (FIS) has established 10 rules for good behavior on the slopes. You are required to be familiar with and respect the rules so that your conduct is not subject to civil and criminal liability in the case of an accident.

The International Ski Federation's 10 rules:

1. Respect: You must behave in such a way that does not endanger others.

2. Control: You must move in a controlled manner and adapt your speed and behavior to that of your personal abilities.

3. Choice of route: When coming from behind, you must choose a route in such a way that does not endanger someone ahead.

4. Overtaking: You may overtake another skier or snowboarder provided that you leave enough space for the person to make any movement.

5. Entering, starting and moving upwards: Always look up and down the slopes, so you don't endanger anyone. This accounts for entering a piste, starting and movement up the hill.

6. Stopping: Always try to avoid stopping on the piste in narrow places or with bad visibility. When crashing in such a place, move clear of the piste as soon as possible.

7. On foot: You must always climb or descend on foot at the side of the piste.

8. Signs and markings: You must respect all signs and markings.

9. Accidents: When accidents occur, everyone is duty bound to assist and help. If neccessary, call the lift personnel!

10. Identification: In case of an accident, everyone, incl. witnesses, shall exchange names and addresses.

In addition to the 10 rules, we've made some extra points regarding safety:

11. Stopping with a group: You must stop beneath a group, so no one will get hit in case of a crash.

12. Poles: Don't point your poles without proper orientation. Always keep the poles beneath the hip, and when on a lift, point the tip downwards.

13. Helmet: Everyone below 18-years-old are obligated to wear a helmet. We recommend that EVERYONE should wear helmet when skiing.

14. Equipment: Always check your equipment for errors or damages before entering the slopes. For example your bindings or boots.

15. Shoes and boots: It is not allowed to wear anything else except ski- or snowboard boots on the green surface.

Weather is a factor at CopenHill - check the weather from home!

Most of CopenHill's activities are outdoors, so you will be exposed to all kinds of wind and weather. Therefore, you should always check the weather from home so that you are well prepared.

Wear clothes for the weather

The wind and cold (the so-called chill factor) can in some cases feel more powerful, depending on where the wind comes from, with CopenHill facing the sea and our highest point being at a 85 meter altitude. During summer, it can get really hot due to the angle of the roof surface, so remember sunscreen and drink a lot of water.

Shutdown due to bad weather

In the case of strong winds, we may have to close the recreational facilities (climbing wall, ski slope, running route etc.) for safety reasons. In such cases, your remaining ski time or climbing time is reimbursed as a voucher that can be used at a later date.