Ski & Snowboard

Most people dream of having their own ski hill in the backyard. We've made the dream come true!

Right in the heart of the city, you and your family, friends, class-mates and colleagues, will soon have the opportunity to ski and snowboard. Alpine skiing is an active sport, which is physically demanding, but it is also a versitile and very fun sport. Escpecially in the company of others.

Our goal is to create a big community. And therefore we have created SKI365, Denmark's new skiing community, which is for everyone who are just as much into skiing and snowboarding, as we are! In the near future you and your peers will find great discounts, events, advantages etc. here.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, pro, freestyler, fun-skier, man, woman, boy, girl, thick, thin, tall or short. Eigther way you are part of the community. We have something for everyone. We have red / black, blue and green pistes. In addition, there is also a slalom course, free-style park, and of course an area for children and beginners. Here at Copenhill our different ski lifts will transport you up the "mountain".

If you haven't got your own equipment, don't worry. "Steep and Deep" is Copenhill's rental shop, which have many years of experience providing Danes with skis, boots, snowbaord etc. They will also help you with your ski seetings, ski care and general ski service, so that you can enjoy the skiing as much as possible.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of ski school. If you are going on your first ski holiday, just want to prepare your legs for your annual ski trip or just maintain your level and technique, we recommend booking a ski instructor, when you book your ski-hour(s).


Recently Copenhill went to Italy together with Thomas Uhrskov, to test the artificial skiing surface, Neveplast, which will be the skiing base at Copenhill. Thomas Uhrskov was very enthusiastic, and in a new five-minute video, he gives his advice on skiing at Copenhill. Watch the video