Try your best with Northern Europe's highest climbing wall!

One side of CopenHill is used for an extreme activity, that completes the mission of doing mountain sports activities in a big city with no significant elevation. The climbing wall! With its 85 meters it is the highest in the world! It is approximately 10m wide, with various obstacles on the way up, as it would be on a natural mountain. The climbing wall is designed and decorated so that it will look like a natural mountain wall with different overhangs and routes you have to find on the way up. It feels like climbing a real mountain.

Grips are mounted, as it is known from "normal" climbing walls. However, this does not mean that it will be easy to climb. The routes are designed and rated as a difficult category, where the climbing becomes more difficult the higher you get. A climbing wall of this height is somewhat unique in Denmark. It requires a certification to be allowed to climb the wall, and one must master the multi pitch technique. This also means that it is only experienced / trained climbers who will get the opportunity to climb to the top.

Project drawing of the starting area.