Running, Hiking and Training

An experience beyond the usual!

The paths on Copenhill can be used for hiking, running, discoveries and much more.

All the way up along the roof op CopenHill, together with the ski slope, you will find a green experience and nature landscape with several path systems, where visitors can run, hike, play or just enjoy the view and follow the activities on the slope. On the route you will come through an exciting green landscape that sets out to explore the many possibilities of the surroundings, and where you can find your own way through the landscape.

The landscape allows for many experiences and activities.

The design of the landscape breaks the tradition of normal green facilities, whose utility options are locked in advance, in favor of a green area that, by its nature, is waiting to be used in the way the guest thinks best suitable. It could be a picnic, a mountain walk in the sun or just sit and enjoy the view on one of the benches.

Although the path systems invites the users to be active, there are also several places for restitution and breaks.

On the hiking route, there will be active challenges and experiences for everyone, but also small plateaus, where the visitor can look over Øresund(the sea), pause or train.

The pathways have an incline from 5% to 35%, and the shortest route is 450 meters. It may not sound like much, but when walking from 0 to 85 meters in altitude, it will surely get your pulse rising. The walking and hiking trails, and the surrounding area are publicly available within normal opening hours on CopenHill (not taking special events and bad weather into consideration).


The various running routes include everything, from the inspiring hiking landscape, the short sprint routes to the more challenging running / training routes, where you have to jump from stone to stone to arrive at the end. It gives a more challenging and different running and walking experience than one normally experiences.

Through the new running- and training community RUN365, different training types and benefits will be offered to members, so you get off to a good start, and may continue with the new training form "mountain runing" with some serious incline!

In addition to the daily training with RUN365, new exciting running series, with the focus on mountain runs, are set up. There will be races that are targeted to elite runners, but always with room for athletes to participate and try their best with the incline. We look forward to offering you the new initiatives and see Amager Bakke filled with happy runners.


If there are more strenght left, after a run up to the top, the training can be varied with urban training / street fitness at a height of 78 meters with a view of Øresund (the sea). The various racks invite you to do pull ups, arm walk and other fantastic training forms. And when you have finished a good days work, you can take a healthy break in the cafe at the top of the hill.

The urban gym area is, as the walking and running routes, publicly available within the normal opening hours of CopenHill (not taking special events and bad weather into consideration) and via RUN365 you will be able to sign up for various fitness, crossfit, strenght training teams, where an instructor will be present and take you through various training sessions at 85 meters altitude.


One of the activities that Amager Bakke unfortunately has not got much room for, is biking. There are many, who have expressed, that there it is unfortunate that there is no priority for a downhill track - which would be an appropriate discipline to be able to offer, alongside the other mountain sports activities. The way the slope and paths are designed, it is not suitable for downhill, but we look forward to making time trials upwards. Follow our social media and website, where we announce evenings where the running / hiking track is closed for Biking. Find your light gear and see if you can get to the top, it is both technically and physically demanding, so we look forward to having the scoreboard ready to see who can get the best time.