Cafe & Afterski

CopenHill’s cafe and after-ski bar is now ready!

The Cafe is located at the foot of the ski hill. They offer a variety of different things, depending on the customers. During ordinary opening hours on the ski hill, the cafe is open for the public. Thursday-saturday the cafe is transformed to an after-ski bar. It is also possible to book the cafe for private celebrations, birthdays, company events or something similar.

Combined with the opportunity to get a tour of the sight, it is also very popular to hold a company event with the exhilarating experience to hike the ski hill and overlook the city, from the best view in Copenhagen.
Even before the ski hill is open for skiing, it is possible to take advantage of these offers, and the feedback on these have been very positive so far.

"The ski-center will serve as a platform for many joyfull events and multi-purpose events. We look forward welcoming mothers and fathers on maternity leave on sundays, students ready for a party on thursday evenings, combined with coorparate meetings on friday mornings - it is really a place for everyone, who wants to use it for recreational purposes" says Mikkel Qvistgaard, operational manager for the different facilities in the cafe. Mikkel has many years of experience from both the restaurant-, hospitality- and event industry. He is known for his ability to incorparate holistic concepts into both private- and coorporate events. In addition, Mikkel is the King of apré ski. It is a strong combination of passion and professionalism that characterizes the way Copenhill is being operated.